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Auto Injury Whiplash:

Before discussing auto injury whiplash we wanted to discuss whiplash first that what it is. Whiplash is a disease which happens when the head of a person backward than suddenly come forward with a high amount of force. Mostly this injury happens in the result of a car accident or when we apply sudden breaks while driving. This injury can also happen in the result of any sports injuries, physical abuse, laughter park rides or during any fighting.

It occurs when the soft ligaments and muscles in the human neck extend from their typical range of motion. The symptoms of auto injury whiplash do not occur on the spot, but after some time you will feel high levels of stress in your neck. So, whenever you face these types of activities, you have to take this serious and pay your full attention to it. People considered whiplash a mild condition but after some time of its occurrence, it can cause pain and discomfort on the long-term basis.

How Auto Injury whiplash occur?

When a person is walking fluently and enjoying his walk but suddenly any of his friend or family member came from the backside and push him forcedly to surprise him, for a while he will not face any kind of the pain in his body but after some time he will face high levels of stress in his neck. The pain occurs in his neck due to that force which his neck muscles faced while the other party was pushing him forward. Any kind of sudden motion can affect the ligaments and tendons of the human neck due to tear and stretch and in the end, the man has been awarded by the whiplash by his body.

There could be many incidents which can lead towards whiplash such as:

•           Horseback Riding

•           Car accidents

•           Physical abuse (fighting, punched or shaken by anybody)

•           Cycling accidents

•           Riding Accidents

•           Falls in which human head jerks backward violently

•           Sports injuries such as karate, football or boxing

•           blows to the head with a heavy object

Symptoms of Whiplash?

Signs of the whiplash injury started to appear within 24 hours after an incident that can lead towards whiplash. In very rare cases we have been noticed that symptoms of auto injury whiplash happen after some days. As well as, whiplash can last for many weeks in the neck of any person. Here in the below table, we have stated some of the very common signs which are common in every whiplash injury such as:

•           dizziness

•           Stiffness in neck

•           Pain in neck

•           Headaches

•           Constant weariness

•           blurred vision

Here are some of those signs which are also of whiplash but these happen in very rare cases such as:

•           Irritability

•           Ringing in the ears

•           Problems with memory and concentration

•           Less sleep

•           Chronic pain in the head, shoulders or in the neck

You should follow up with your doctor immediately if:

You should visit any professional while facing these all symptoms but if you are facing those signs which are in the bellow table than you should visit any professional on the urgent basis.

•           When the signs of auto injury whiplash increase till your arms or shoulders

•           Whenever you try to move your head you feel much pain and unable to move your head

•           You are feeling weakness or numbness in your arms.

In all of these situations, you have to meet any professional doctor who can handle this accurately. Have you ever heard about chiropractic treatment? Chiropractic is an ancient Typical Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment in which the doctors use their hands and therapies to cure the patient. The doctors who perform the treatment are known as chiropractors. We are providing chiropractic and acupuncture treatment at Jacksonville chiropractic and acupuncture center.

Auto Injury Whiplash Jacksonville:

While the injury in your neck is mild or moderate it can be treated at very affordable price at Jacksonville chiropractic and acupuncture center. We have state of the art hospital in Jacksonville and our chiropractors are highly qualified, certified, skilled and experienced. You have to take treatment when you have these following symptoms, such as:

•           Stiffness or pain in the neck of the patients which was gone once and after some time it came back.

•           Diversification of neck pain.

•           Tingling, numbness or pain in your legs, shoulders or in your arms.

•           Any sort of disturbance in your bowels or bladders.

•           Weakness in the leg or an arm.

On the very step doctors at Jacksonville chiropractic and acupuncture center will ask about your injury that how this injury happens to you, at which part of the body you are facing pain, and then what is the condition of the pain, it is sharp, dull or shooting. After completing the questions the chiropractors will do some sort of physical test on their own and in this exam, they will check the range of motions in your neck. As well as, at the same time they will diagnose those areas which are getting tenderness.

If they are still unable to diagnose correctly than there are maximum chances of having X-ray of your body to make sure that this pain in your neck is not connected with any other part of the body.

If the doctors feel that there is some sort of issue into your nerves, soft tissues, or in the spinal cord than he can also check the CT scans or MRI tests. There are many other tests which are directly related to the neck pain such as Positron Emission Tomography (PET scan), or Diffuse Tensor Imaging (DTI) can be assigned by the doctor. Both of these studies are being assigned when the chiropractor is feeling that there is some sort of issue in your brain otherwise there is no need for these expensive exams. These tests will help localize and measure the extent of an injury to the brain or other areas.

Auto Injury Whiplash Treatment:

The auto injury whiplash treatment is relatively not much complicated. Usually, doctors will suggest over the counter tables to cure this pain such as Aspirin or Tylenol. For the cure of this auto injury whiplash, you need a proper chiropractic treatment. Except this, there is no best solution available, which is best enough to treat auto injury whiplash.

In this treatment there are many therapies include in which the body of the patient will involve by himself and the doctors will work to make the body to heal itself. After this treatment, the body will start healing itself. On the very basic and normal injury, the chiropractor will do a minor therapy and after that, he will assign you to rub ice cubes on this area and practice simple exercises. This process will give flexibility and strength to your neck muscles.

As well as, he (chiropractor) will teach you some of the good neck postures and relaxation techniques which will keep your neck muscles relaxed and also it will help to recover your body from pain. As well as, there are many other treatments available which are also best for the auto injury whiplash and these all work best such as

Alternative Treatment for Whiplash Injury:

There is no possibility for anybody that he is experiencing chiropractic treatment for his neck pain and his body is not healing. But let’s suppose for a while that your body is not getting towards wellness than you can move towards other treatments such as:

•           Acupuncture Treatment

•           Massage Treatment

•           Electronic nerve stimulation

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